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Firework Permits

In Vermont, all fireworks (not including sparklers and other novelty smoke devices) are illegal except for permitted, supervised, public fireworks displays. Fireworks are dangerous and unpredictable, especially in the hands of amateurs. All too often fireworks result in serious burns, hearing loss, and other injuries due to misuse. Public fireworks displays conducted by trained professionals and supervised by local fire departments are a good alternative to personal fireworks use. These displays are the smartest and safest way to enjoy fireworks.

A permit for display is required by the local chief of police and fire departments of the municipality in which the display is to be held. The use, possession, sale, and distribution of fireworks are legal only after the permit is granted. Copied from VT Dept of Fire Safety.


Applications for a permit must be made at least 15 days in advance of the fireworks display. Please forward both completed documents to:

Fireworks Show
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