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The Fire Service

The Berlin Volunteer Fire Department's main branch is the fire and rescue service. We run all types of calls ranging from minor motor vehicle accidents to fully involved commercial fires. Our department also provides additional resources to other departments in need through the mutual aid program. In 2018 we responded to 24 calls outside of our town to help assist fellow departments.


Our number of fire and rescue calls range around 175 annually. This large call volume requires a lot of firefighters working countless hours on a scene and back at the station to make sure we are ready for the next emergency. We have different roles in the fire service in order to allow people to excel in their desired path. Some firefighters work interior, while others drive and operate the pump.

To keep our firefighters safe and comply with NFPA guidelines we require firefighters that wish to go interior be certified in at least Fire I. Drivers must be 21 or older and are trained for both vehicle driving and pumping operations. Corporate members who wish to become firefighters also need to pass a technical test to ensure they know basic information before responding to calls.


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