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The Fast Squad

The Town of Berlin, Vermont is covered by two different ambulance services, Barre Town EMS and the Northfield Ambulance Service. Berlin does not provide its own ambulance service, so we rely on these two towns to cover us. With that being said, some of our firefighters are medically certified and assist the town residents alongside these full-time ambulance services. These firefighters are part of what we call our Fast Squad. The Berlin Fast Squad (BERM) provides first response to help with all types of medical emergencies. In 2018 we had around 300 medical calls.

Our fast squad members are Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified and are able to respond direct to all medical calls with flow of traffic or lights, if granted permission, in order to either assist the ambulance crew or provide Basic Life Support until the ambulance arrives. Fast squad is the only form of EMS support that we provide with the exception of CPR.

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