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Corporate Members

Non-Responder Members:

Brian Stringer,

Sam Newton (Chaplain),

Danelle LaFlower,

Shane LaFlower,

Jeanne Pratt,

Rick Pratt,

Miles Silk Jr.,

Heather Silk,

Mike Sweeney,

Katie Sweeney,

Cathy Silk (Lifetime Member),

Miles Silk Sr. (Lifetime Member),

Floyd Blodgett (Lifetime Member),

Ray Burke (Lifetime Member),

Rod Cyr (Lifetime Member),

Carole LaCasse (Lifetime Member),

Andy LaCasse (Lifetime Member),

Ian LaCasse (Lifetime Member),

Albie Lewis (Lifetime Member),

Peter Noyes (Lifetime Member),

Bryan Nykiel (Lifetime Member),

Bob Simon (Lifetime Member)


Chief and President: Joe Staab


Vice President:  Ryan Barr

Secretary: Janet Richardson

Treasurer: Nick Garbacik

Asst. Treasurer: Ryan Barr

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors Committee is made up of representatives from the fire department and the town and is tasked with discussing key decisions involving our department. This group of people also make up the Strategic Planning Committee, whose main goal is to set the department in a position to be successful in the future.


Chair: Joe Staab

Ways and Means:

The Ways and Means Committee is comprised of a few members who formulate different methods for the funding of the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department through various community outreach and fundraising programs. They are most notably responsible for helping organize with open houses, coin drops, and concessions.


Chair: Matthew Romei

Ladies Auxiliary:

The Ladies Auxiliary is comprised of women who are a fundamental resource for the department. They often provide resources for fire scenes as well as organizing and helping with fundraisers. While the Ladies Auxiliary is not comprised of any current first responders, they do provide excellent support through their generous work.


Chair: Carole Lacasse

Maintenance Committee:

The Maintenance Committee is made up of experienced members who provide input and solutions to the maintenance of the station and departmental vehicles. This can include suggested fixes, purchases, and general care to the building and items within.


Chair: John Silk & Nick Garbacik

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