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The Cadet Program

Our Cadet Program is open to community members from the age of 14 through 17 years old who are interested in serving their community. Once completing the application process and passing their shield test a Cadet member will train and respond to emergencies alongside senior members. 


Firefighter, Newton

My name is Josh Newton, but everyone calls me Fig. I was a cadet at the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department for right around three years. I joined the Cadet Program because I wanted to make a difference in my community. I also wanted to prove that just because I have a learning disability or am bi-sexual doesn't mean I can't accomplish my goals.

During my time in the Cadet Program I learned more about the ins-and-outs of the fire service as well as getting my foot in the door with potential to make this a career. I recommend this program to others because I have learned that the youth control the future of the service and the best way to get started is to join now.


That is why I joined the BVFD Cadet Program.


Firefighter, Giroux

I’m Kaden Giroux. I was a Cadet for just over two years. I joined the fire department because I like making a difference in people’s lives. Being with BVFD gives me a sense of purpose like no other. I wouldn’t trade anything for the ability to help out our fellow community members on some of the worst days of their lives.  


As a Cadet, I had the opportunity to learn essential skills to be a firefighter and I got the opportunities to practice those skills not only in training but in real-world emergencies as well.


I would recommend the Cadet Program to any high schoolers looking to make an impact in their community. Being an active member of Berlin Fire instills important values that can not only be applied to emergency services but also your every-day life. 

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